The timely maintenance is to critical for lenses.

We do not provide the final cost of service or repair without a detailed diagnostic. It is important to perform an accurate diagnostic to determine the cost of repair.
  • The cost of the certificate of conformity of the lens to factory or operational characteristics is $50 for one lens.
  • The standard wage for maintenance and repair is $120 per hour.
  • The minimum time for maintenance or repair is 1 hour.
  • In case of refusal from further repair, the cost of diagnosis is $ 50.
  • Standard service takes an average of 2 business days with the necessary spare parts in our warehouse.
  • We service lenses of any age.

Minimum Labour Charges and Additional Policies
  • 1 hour for lenses, regardless of whether they are supported by the manufacturer or not at the moment.
  • If you decide not to service your equipment after the diagnostic, you are responsible for paying for the diagnostic.
  • Any parts necessary for repair (if ordered from the manufacturer) must be paid before the start of repair work.
  • Shipping costs. Estimated delivery time: Miami FL — usually 2-3 days by ground transport.
  • We carry out the return shipment of your equipment using your account. We do not charge you for the proper and safe packaging of your equipment.
  • Please do not send us any equipment without prior notice and written approval by Email.
  • Taxes: no service tax. No sales tax or parts for supplies shipped outside Florida. The use of tax and customs fees is the recipient’s responsibility.

Lens service capabilities
Our company is equipped with modern measuring and repair equipment of both leading manufacturers (ZAISS, TRIOPTICS, GECKO-CAM, DENS) and measuring optical equipment of our own production. All consumables and lubricants materials are is original.
Work with lenses is carried out only in sealed rooms that are equipped with clean air and anti-static ionizing devices.
Direct interaction with manufacturers allows us to timely and quickly deliver all the necessary spare parts, which allows us to regularly replenish stocks of the most common spare parts for lenses and cameras.

Replacement parts
The most common small spare parts (for example: focus adjusting shims, screws), as well as lubricants and adhesives approved by the manufacturer, are stored in stock. Other necessary spare parts are supplied directly from the lens and camera manufacturers and must be paid in advance.
Most manufacturers of spare parts are located outside the United States, for this reason the delivery time takes an average of 10 days.
Some manufacturers have a warehouse of spare parts in the USA (for example, Canon USA and Cooke, ARRI, Red), so for some spare parts the delay can be only a few days.
Remember that spare parts for many old lenses are not supplied, but thanks to the diligence of our engineers, in some cases we can manufacture parts ourselves.
For an additional fee or in some emergency cases, we are always ready to perform expedited repairs or service and set a guaranteed delivery date, which will be mutually agreed between us.

After service support
All lens and camera repairs will be covered by a 3-month warranty. All warranty repairs must be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance. You will be responsible for shipping to and from us.
In addition, you will be entitled to a free inspection of the equipment during this period, provided that you can handle the delivery of equipment to our service.
We are asking you to schedule a free equipment check. We recommend that you do this before starting any major project.

Recovery of old optical elements
In some cases, we can polish and paint the scratched lens elements if new lens elements are discontinued. Keep in mind that re-coating the lens element always takes considerable time (several weeks).



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