In short about our quality control.
Operating to the highest standards, all serviced or repair lenses and manufactured optical equipment pass strict quality control. From the smallest screw connections to the most complex mechanical and optical components.
The generation of optical measuring equipment of our production, such as EVO-1 and EVO-2, allows us to maintain high quality optical assembly of your lenses.
We carefully comply all factory standards in during assembly the mechanical and optical components of photo and film lenses and always use only original expendable materials which approved by the manufacturers of optics.


What is a quality certificate?
After the lens has been fully serviced, at the request of the client, we provide this certificate, which indicate that the lens or set of lenses has passed the full service cycle and according all factory criteria.
The certificate contains detailed diagnostic information for the lens after it has been serviced.
The certificate confirms in writing that the lens or set of lenses do not have damaged or defects, which is very important when renting or selling optics.

How much is the certificate?
1-6 lenses in set: — $50 for each lens.
From 7 lenses in set: — $30 for each lens.



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